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ROM file type. Alcazar: The forgotten Fortress

1985 Activision Inc.
Tom Loughry


ROM file type. Aliens 2

1987 Square


ROM file type. Batman

1985 Ocean
Jon Ritman


ROM file type. Candoo Ninja

1983 ASCII
Mass Tael


DSK file type. Final Fantasy
Japanese Version
1988 Nintendo


DSK file type. Alien 8

1985 ACG


DSK file type. A-Team

1988 Zafiro
Zydro, New Frontier


ROM file type. Maison Ikkoku Final

1988 Micro Cabin


ROM file type. Seikima 2 Special

1987 Sony


ROM file type. Suikoden

1989 Koei


DSK file type. Tuareg

1988 Topo Soft


ROM file type. Demonia

Sablatou Claude


ROM file type. Donkey Kong

1986 Nintendo
Ocen Software


ROM file type. Golvellius

1987 Compile
Pac Fujishima


ROM file type. Crazy Cars

1988 Titus

Java Emulated

ROM file type. Famicle
 Bit2 Films


ZIP file type. Famicle 2
 Bit2 Films


DSK file type. HiBrid Special File Handler v 1.0
For the Sony HB-F700
1986 Sony


ROM file type. Bruce Lee

1984 Datasoft
Mike Livesay

Java Emulated

ROM file type. Pennant Race
1988 Konami


ROM file type. Rambo Super Special
1985 Carolco


ROM file type. Legendly Knight

1988 Topia


ROM file type. Space Invaders

1985 Taito


ROM file type. Pennant Race 2
MSX2, English
1989 Konami


DSK file type. R-Type

1988 Irem Corp


ZIP file type. Super Deform Snatcher
MSX2, English, 3 DSKs
1990 Konami


ZIP file type. YS 2
MSX2, English, 2 DSKs
1988 Falcom
Translation by Oasis


DSK file type. Soldier of Light

1989 Taito


DSK file type. Juno First

1983 Sony


DSK file type. Nonamed

1986 Dinamic
Ignacio Abril


DSK file type. Nuts and Milk

1990 Engesoft


DSK file type. Fruit Panic

1984 Pony Inc
Makoto Ichinoseki


DSK file type. Obliterrator

1989 Melbourne House


DSK file type. Spelunkers

1997 Hackwrench


DSK file type. Mini Nights

1997 Hackwrench


DSK file type. Lemmings

1997 Hackwrench


DSK file type. Kondol

1997 Hackwrench


DSK file type. Kusoland

1997 Hackwrench


DSK file type. Tank

1997 Hackwrench


DSK file type. 9 Small Games Programed in Basic

1997 Hackwrench


DSK file type. Casanova

1989 Ibersoft
J. Carlos Arboiro Pinel, Javier Vila Lugo


DSK file type. Aleste Gaiden
1989 Compile


ROM file type. Eggerland Mystery 2

1986 HAL
I. Okuyama


ROM file type. Rastan Saga

1988 Taito


ROM file type. Deep Forest

1987 Xain Soft


ROM file type. Bubble Bobble
Bubble Bobble
1987 Zemina


ZIP file type. Aleste 2

1989 Compile


ZIP file type. Black Cylcon

1993 Parallax


DSK file type. Haradius
1991 Impact Soft


DSK file type. Undead Line

 T&E soft


ZIP file type. Valis the Fantasm Soldier 2



ZIP file type. Livingstone Supongo
MSX1 & MSX2 remake included
1986 Opera Soft


DSK file type. Nyancle
1988 Matsushita


DSK file type. Kpi Ball
2000 Boh-Ken


DSK file type. Mythos

1990 Opera Soft
Comix 2


DSK file type. Thunder Blade

1988 US Gold / Sega


DSK file type. Rescate Atlántida

1989 Dinamic


DSK file type. Desolator

Coling Doolay


DSK file type. Blade Lords
1996 Parallax
Cas Creamers


DSK file type. California Games

1987 Epyx


DSK file type. Disc Warrior

1985 Alligata


DSK file type. Freddy Hardest

1987 Dinamic
Emilio Salgueiro


ROM file type. Konami's Baseball

1984 Konami

Java Emulated

DSK file type. 1942
for MSX2
1987 Capcom


ROM file type. Outrun
MSX2 Version
1988 Sega
Pony Canyon Inc.


DSK file type. Passing Shot

1988 Imageworks/Sega


DSK file type. Ninja Kun

1984 Jaleco


DSK file type. MSX Word v3.0

1988 Cibertron Software


DSK file type. Pyramid Warp

1983 T&E Soft


ZIP file type. Alice in Wonderland



DSK file type. Dante
RPG Creator
1990 ASCII
Soram / MSX Magazine


ZIP file type. Dante II
RPG Creator
1992 ASCII
T. Yoshida / MSX Magazine


ROM file type. Commandos

1987 ASCII
1985 Capcom


DSK file type. Hyper Olympics 1 & 2

1984 Konami


DSK file type. Ice Breaker

1990 Topo Soft


DSK file type. Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan

1989 Dinamic


DSK file type. Gradius System

1984 Nemesis


DSK file type. DBase II v2.4

Piet Habich


DSK file type. MSX-DOS Tools vs 2.1

1984 Nemesis
Eduardo Barbosa


DSK file type. MSX-DOS Tools vs 4.3

1991 Nemesis
Eduardo Barbosa


DSK file type. Video Graphics


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