Does MSXDirect! need your help? The answer is yes!

Hi every one!

I'm looking for some one to give me a hand on making a new version of my MSXDirect site. I would like to transform it in to something more attractive with many more features (forums, voting polls, news, more ranks and statistics... etc etc). MSX Direct is one of the most visited sites in the world regarding MSX (probably the most visited after It has around 400 unique visitors a day and around 1000 daily downloads. All this "traffic" can be used to make the number one MSX site in the world (am I too ambitious?). 

What is needed? -Well, just like most of us, I'm really time-limited. Besides I am not a coder, so some large coding work is out of my possibilities. So, any help is welcome, but what is most urgent is:

Right now the site works under IIS 5.0, with standard ASP pages and a Microsoft Access database. SQL Server can be available if needed.

What's in return? -Nothing really... just the credits and the satisfaction on keeping the MSX memory live. I intend to keep this site working for ever (or at least until I die). On the other hand, if you are a web developer, it might be interesting for your c.v. to be credited on a high-traffic working website.

If any one is interested, please just fill in this form and I'll reply ASAP: 




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